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Interior Decoration Service

Colour Clinic


Do you want to change the mood in a room or are you fed up with staring at a colour you’ve been putting up with for ages? Perhaps you need some inspiration and fresh ideas?


Our colour clinic is the perfect way to think about your relationship with colour in your home, how simple changes can influence the way you feel in your space and how you use the rooms in your house.


We’ll show you how clever use of colour and paint can transform the space you live in and items of furniture you may have forgotten about or may not be making best use of.


Contact us and make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation where we will assess your needs. Should you wish to proceed, we will tailor make a colour plan for you which can vary from one room only or a series of spaces that you want to feel cohesive and flowing.


£295 (3 hours)

Home Styling


This is a great way to enhance the dynamic of your home or a specific room, through adding well chosen accessories and small items of furniture and creating areas that display your things to best effect.


You might be happy with your chosen decor and colour scheme but still think your room is lacking a certain something. Perhaps you have some hidden gems in your home that you want to show off, or simply want to create a different feel. Maybe you have always liked the Nordic look or love country house chic, but not been able to make it come to life.


By mixing in new accessories as well as re-styling and re-purposing what you already own, we can help you achieve the look and feel you are after.


Contact us for your free 30 minute consultation to assess your needs. If you are happy to proceed we will tailor make a styling plan for you, including how and where to buy the accessories to enhance your space, ideas & advice on display, creating vignettes and bringing forgotten items back to life so that you can fall in love with them again.


(We also offer one off seasonal styling options, please ask for more information)


£295 (3 hours)

Clutter to Calm


Do you feel your home space is too cluttered? It is surprising how our surroundings can influence our peace of mind and sense of purpose but so often we let clutter and things get the better of our space.


Have you lost sight of some of your favourite pieces of furniture because they are simply buried?! Maybe you want help with ideas for organisation and storage in hard working rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, hall or utility.


Sometimes it is difficult to work out what is useful or whether we are just putting up with things for the sake of them or because we have got used them being there!


Let us help bring calm to your home, with advice on better use of space, storage, ideas to declutter and better display the things you love and bring a sense of tranquility and flow to your home.  


Contact us for your free 30 minute consultation to talk through your needs.


If you would like to proceed we will then tailor a Clutter to Calm plan for you which will enable you to discard unused and unwanted items, see the ‘wood for the trees’ when it comes to which pieces are intrinsic to a calm and orderly space, help with organisation and storage ideas, re-purpose items to work harder for you and suggest better display options for the items you really love.


£295 (3 hours)

Room Rescue


Do you have a room that doesn’t really have a purpose or that you rarely use like the proverbial ‘junk room’?


Or perhaps you have recently had work done or re-decorated and the final look isn’t quite satisfactory or needs tweaking?


Or you have done up most of your house but left the non-urgent areas to deal with later and are now at a bit of a loss.


Our Room Rescue service is for you. We can help with all the above and more - bringing that spark to a newly finished project that hasn’t hit the spot or finding a purpose for an under used or wasted space.


Please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to talk about how can help you. Should you want to proceed we can then put together your personal Room Rescue to breathe life into those areas that need help.

£295 (3 hours)

For more information on any of the above packages please contact us. You may need one or a variety of the services above or simply require a package tailored specifically to you.