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We are two friends who share a love of interiors, colours, design and transforming spaces and pieces of furniture. Searching for vintage treasure at auctions and flea markets, waiting for the latest paint colours to drop at Farrow & Ball, keeping an eye out online for quirky home accessories are what keeps us going! We decided that we could use these passions and the skills we have built up individually to start a business together and Milk & Wood was born.


We often get asked how the name Milk & Wood came about and the answer is simple - Milk = Buttery, Wood = Carpenter. Sounded good….

Helen Buttery

Hi, I’m Helen, one half of Milk & Wood,


I started my career in banking, then changed course and worked as a Royalty Accountant for one of the UK’s largest television & broadcasting companies. Based in London for over a decade I’d love nipping out on my lunch breaks to scour the shops and indulge my passion for home styling bits and bobs, and unique furniture. 


After taking time out to raise my gorgeous family, that love of creating and styling, which had never really gone away, led me to realise my dream by starting my own business, Pots of Paint, a decorating company based in Surrey, which has gone on to achieve great success.  From this, I have gained a wealth of knowledge & expertise in the area of all things painty!

Alongside this I also loved to restyle, upscale and bring back to life old furniture and unique interior pieces. 


My love of all things painting, furniture and home styling for clients, friends and family led me to get together with my great friend Ruth. From our shared passions, our home styling business Milk and Wood was born. 

Ruth Carpenter


Hello! I'm Ruth, the other half of Milk & Wood.


I started my creative career started in advertising at Vogue & GQ magazines. I then trained as a journalist and worked at a press agency, then freelanced on women’s magazines and national press writing on a range of subjects from interiors to human interest. I was a contributing editor to Sarah Beeny’s two best selling Property Ladder books.


As Editor of In & Around Covent Garden magazine, I uncovered the diversity of fashion, interiors & the social scene in one of the most exciting and stylish areas of London. I'm still a magazine addict and wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t have a couple of stacks of House & Garden, Grazia & Vogue by my bed!


Whilst bringing up my three children, I started to find and sell vintage and antiques and established my company Lustre, supplying restaurants and shops as far afield as Hong Kong as well as selling from my concession in Talbot Antiques Centre in Dorking. I've sold pieces to Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters on Quest TV and hopefully chosen a winning piece for Bargain Hunt, in its soon to be seen new series!


I've completed an interior design & creative colour course at KLC School of Design in London and worked on various styling projects and photoshoots. I've also worked on two major renovation projects, re-configuring houses from top to bottom.


I'm three years into a course to master upholstery, continuing my passion for restoring and bringing new life to interesting pieces of furniture. Pairing up with Helen to establish Milk & Wood is the next exciting chapter in our love of all things design and interiors!